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Feature Instructions
Feature: Call Block

Feature: Call Block

Usage Instructions

When you want to keep someone from calling, or calling again, stop them with Call Block. Simply hang up on an annoying phone call and use Call Block to prevent that number from getting through again. Call Block takes control of your telephone away from the caller and puts it where it belongs in your hands. When you control your calls, you can save time that might otherwise be wasted by answering calls.

To access or activate Call Block:

Lift your receiver and wait for the dial tone. Press *60.

Note: You must access Call Block before you can perform other procedures within the service such as adding the number of the caller or removing a single number from your Call Block list. The recorded instructions are easy to follow.

To set up a List:

Press the # key after dialing *60.

Dial the number without the 1 and press the # key again.

To add the last number that called in:

Listen for the dial tone. Press *60.

Press the # key, then dial 01 and the # key again.

Dial 3 to activate Call Block.

To turn off Call Block:

Lift your receiver and wait for the dial tone. Press *80 and listen for the announcement. You cannot turn off this feature without having set up a list. Press *60 and the prompt will tell you if your list is on or off. To turn it on or off, press 3.

When you put a phone number on your Call Block list, callers from the blocked number will hear a recorded message when they call telling them they have been blocked.

You may block up to 12 numbers.

To block your own number from being displayed when you call out, dial *67 and it will block your caller ID info for that one call.

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