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Feature: Call Tracing

Usage Instructions

If you've ever been frightened, disgusted, or otherwise harassed by annoying or abusive calls, it's time to fight back! Now you can stop wasting time and resources on unwanted callers with Call Tracing. Call Tracing gives you the best weapon available for tracking down and ending annoying calls.

To Activate Call Tracing:
  1. Hang up after receiving the annoying call..
  2. Immediately pick up the receiver and wait for a dial tone.

    NOTE: If you don't start a trace immediately, you may get another call and lose the opportunity.

  3. Press *57 and hang up.
  4. Call the Hometown Telephone Customer Service Center at 877-488-7782 within the next 3 business days.
  5. Identify yourself as a Call Tracing customer. Provide the time and date of the annoying call. The Hometown Customer Service Center takes care of the rest!
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