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Feature: Caller ID Name & Number Delivery

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Now you can capture your callers' names and phone numbers with Caller ID or Caller ID Name and Number Delivery. This service displays the caller's name and number on a special Caller ID display unit or screen phone, so you'll know who's calling you, and from where.

In most states, Caller ID Name and Number Delivery includes Anonymous Call Rejection. If a caller uses privacy features to block delivery of their name and number to your Caller ID equipment, Anonymous Call Rejection routes them to a recorded message. The message indicates that the caller must disable the privacy features in order to reach you. Your phone doesn't even ring.

Units are available from many different vendors. Hometown equipment is available for purchase or lease. For more information, talk to your Hometown representative.

You're responsible for obtaining and setting up your display equipment. There are several units on the market. Your retailer can tell you if the one you like is compatible with Hometown 's Caller ID Name and Number Delivery service. (Don't worry most units are compatible!)

If you see messages or symbols on your display equipment that are not telephone numbers, these are usually just a part of the equipment's normal set up functions. Consult your owner's manual for details.

NOTE: Caller ID Name and Number Delivery is not available in all areas. Caller ID, which delivers a caller's name only, is available in most areas.

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