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Feature: Ring Master Service 1

Usage Instructions

With Hometown RingMaster Service, you can have one main number and up to two additional telephone numbers on the same telephone line, for a possible total of three. Each number has its own distinctive ringing pattern. The ringing patterns help you identify callers before you pick up the phone.

To use RingMaster service, just listen. The distinctive ringing patterns of each RingMaster number will let you know who should take the call.

You can assign a number for your children or your computer line. You'll know who the call is for based on the distinctive ringing pattern. Or, you can pick different numbers to give to different people, so you'll know whom calls are from.

Ringing Patterns

Although ringing patterns may vary in some areas, they usually conform to the following pattern:
  1. Main number: Normal Ring Pattern
  2. Second number: 2 short rings, 1 long ring.
  3. Third number: 1 short ring, 1 long ring, 1 short ring.
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