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Feature: Call Waiting with Caller ID

Usage Instructions

Now you'll recognize when an important caller is trying to get through when you're on the phone. With Hometown Call Waiting with Caller ID service, a special tone lets you know if another call is coming in. Then the caller's name and telephone number appears on a special Caller ID display unit or screen phone, so you can decide whether to answer the call now or return the call later.

To use Call Waiting with Caller ID you need a Call Waiting with Caller ID box or a screen phone. When you receive a call while you are on the phone, the unit will display the name and telephone number of the person calling, so you can respond to the incoming call now or return the call later. If you don't want a call to be interrupted and you subscribe to Three-way Calling, you can temporarily suspend Call Waiting with Caller ID before placing the call or while the call is in progress.

Units are available from many different vendors. Hometown equipment is available for purchase or lease. For more information, talk to your Hometown representative.

To Respond to an Incoming Call, You Can:
  1. Put the first call on hold and answer the other call by clicking the switch hook.
  2. End the first call by pressing the switch hook to hang up. Now you can start talking to the other caller.
  3. Alternate between the two calls by clicking the switch hook. Both conversations are completely private.
  4. Ignore the tones all together. You'll hear the tone again about 10 seconds later. You can continue ignoring the tone until the second caller hangs up.
To Suspend Call Waiting Before Placing a Call:
  1. Listen for the dial tone.
  2. Dial *70. You will hear two or three short tones, followed by a steady dial tone, meaning Call Waiting has been suspended.
  3. Dial the number you want. When you finish your call, Call Waiting is automatically turned on again.
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