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Feature Instructions
Feature: Automatic Call Back

Usage Instructions

With Automatic Call Back, you'll never have to wait by the phone for a busy number to become free. Simply dial a code and walk away. Automatic Call Back keeps trying the number for you. When the number you are calling becomes available, Automatic Call Back alerts you with a distinctive ringing pattern on your telephone.

If the Number You Dial is Busy:
  1. Press the switchhook to get a dial tone.
  2. Press *66 and hang up. Repeat Dialing continues to try the number for 30 minutes.
  3. When the number you dialed is no longer busy, Repeat Dialing notifies you with a distinctive ringing pattern.
  4. When you pick up the phone, your call is automatically connected.

NOTE: If you don't answer the special notification ring, Automatic Call Back keeps ringing your phone every five minutes until the remainder of the 30 minutes is used up. After 30 minutes, Automatic Call Back is discontinued.

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