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Feature: Call Forward Don't Answer Ring Control

Usage Instructions

With Call Forward — Don't Answer, you don't have to worry about missing an important call. If you're too busy to answer the phone, this service automatically routes your incoming calls to your Hometown Maxmail Voice Messaging Service or another number where you can be reached or where someone can take a message for you. You can return the calls at your convenience.

When you order Call Forwarding —Don't Answer, just tell the Hometown Representative the telephone number where you want your calls transferred. Once the service is ordered and installed, it starts working immediately. You don't have to do anything else. It's that simple!

With Call Forward — Don't Answer with Ring Control, you can change the designated number of rings before your calls are forwarded. You can change the number of rings as often as your needs change — as often as you like.

To Change the Number of Designated Rings:
  1. Lift your receiver and wait for the dial tone.
  2. Dial *47.
  3. Listen for another dial tone.
  4. Dial the desired number of rings (2-9).
  5. Listen for two short tones then another dial tone.
  6. Hang up. Your number of designated rings has been changed.

NOTE: If you also subscribe to Call Waiting, when you change the number of rings, you will change the amount of time a waiting call will wait before forwarding to the predetermined telephone number. Incoming callers may occasionally hear an extra ring because of the timing of the network connection.

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